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What are trading fees?

You can check the the complete information about our fees here.

The fees depend on where you are doing your trades as there are two separate platforms that you can use to trade on CoinFalcon:

The simple and instant Buy & Sell from your Dashboard.

The fee on this page is calculated internally by the system and will be displayed in the summary section to make sure you're well informed of the fees before you can confirm the trade. See sample screenshot below:

The Advanced View

There are two types of traders on the Advanced View:

Maker - you are considered a maker when you create an order (e.g. limit order) with a price or exchange rate that does not exist in the order book. We have 0% fee for makers.

Taker - you are considered a taker when you create an order with a price or exchange rate that immediately matches an existing order from the order book. The taker fee depends on the volume traded (0.20% being the highest fee and 0.05% as the lowest)

You can check this article to read more about your trading options on CoinFalcon.

Updated on: 10/30/2019

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