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How do I Buy and Sell on CoinFalcon?

Once you have deposited funds into your account, you are eligible to buy, sell, and trade on our platform. You can read your trading options below:

Dashboard Instant Buy & Sell

Exchanging a Currency:

Go to your dashboard and click on the Buy/Sell tabs found on the right side of your dashboard.

You can click on either the "Buy" or "Sell" tab. See the gif clip below:

We encourage you to review the summary to check the exchange rates of your trade. In case you don't find the rates favourable for you as they are based on the order book from the Advanced View, you may limit orders on the Advanced View instead.

Keep in mind the currency exchange rates are not fixed and fluctuate throughout the day. The figures shown in the screenshots above are the values at that period of time and your values might be different. The best way to check the exchange rate is the Rates section in your dashboard which shows current currency exchange rate as well as historic prices which can be sorted by time period.

Advanced View

Alternatively, you may also use the Advanced View to sell or buy cryptocurrencies. See our fees page here.

Market - you will only need to specify the volume or amount of your order, and it will be fulfilled right away based on the order book exchange rates and volume.

Limit - you have the option to limit orders, which allows you to set both your own price (exchange rate) and the amount you want to buy or sell; however, this could take some time or it might not get fulfilled at all depending on the exchange rate you've set as it will only be executed if your order meets a match.

Scaled orders - You can use this feature to execute a trade in multiple orders at your desired rates, number of orders, and sizes, thus, speeds up the matching of orders.

Amount Variance - this is the % difference in the amount/size of each order
Price Variance - this is the % difference in the rate of each order
Total Amount - refers to the number of coins you wants to sell
Order Count - the number of orders that you want to execute
Price Lower - refers to the lowest price of the order
Price Upper - refers to the highest price of the order

Feel free to play around the scaled order feature by clicking on the "Preview" button before you execute the orders.

Updated on: 05/19/2020

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