Account Limits

Euro Transactions

SEPA bank transfer (EU)

We do not have limits for SEPA bank transfers (deposits / withdrawals); however, depending on the amount or on some cases, our bank may ask for documents such as proof of income, proof of address, etc. in order to process a transaction.

Credit / Debit Card

The default account limit is €700 / week, and that is a weekly rolling limit.

For example, you have €700€ weekly limit, and you spend €500 today (Tuesday), and the remaining €200 the next day (Wednesday). Your limit will reset back to €500 after 7 days, which will be on Tuesday, and another €200 will be added to your limit the next day, Wednesday.

We do not grant manual adjustments; however, our system has a built-in algorithm that automatically adjusts your limits on a 30-day / monthly basis according to your account activities (trades, deposits, withdrawals, etc.).

The highest possible limit that an account can attain is €20,000 / week. Should you want to deposit more than that, you can always send your deposit via SEPA bank transfer.


We do not have limits for all cryptocurrency purchases, deposits, and withdrawals even for unverified users.
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