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How Can I Secure My CoinFalcon Account?

Our Security Measures

CoinFalcon takes your security very seriously and we make sure to take every precaution and utilize state-of-the-art database protection to keep your data safe.

On our end, we have implemented state-of-the-art security measures and remain ever committed to the highest safety standards both here on the app and our web platform. These include:

Cold Storage

CoinFalcon stores 98% of digital funds in an offline, secure wallet, while the rest is protected by high-grade online security systems. This means that this reserve is not connected to any web server nor is it stored on a computer or device that is connected to the internet. This makes it hackproof.

We also make sure to have enough reserves on hand so you can easily access your funds and make immediate withdrawals on demand.

DDOS & SSL Encryption

We provide DDOS protection while our website and apps are secure with a solid 128-bit SSL encryption.

Confirmation emails

We use these confirmation emails to add an extra security layer to your account, especially when it comes to conducting critical transactions like cryptocurrencies or fiat deposits, withdrawals, and transfers from CoinFalcon to other wallets.

PCI DSS compliant

CoinFalcon makes sure to stay in full compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) security measures. In addition, we don’t save your card credentials on our server nor do we ask for your full card number either. This adds an additional blanket security layer to your card transactions on our platform and apps.

Managed sessions

CoinFalcon limits a variety of actions on the site to ensure that its security is not compromised at any time. For instance, you won't be able to log in with two different sessions from different countries and if the system senses that you are trying to log in multiple times unsuccessfully, the account will be blocked and you will need to use your registered email to unlock it.

What You Should Do for Your Security

You've probably heard the saying that people themselves are the weakest link when it comes to computer security. So while these security measures already provide a good amount of protection, it is important to take some additional steps on your part to protect your account. These include:

Activate Two-factor Authentication (2FA) for your CoinFalcon Account

Activating 2FA security for your account means you are setting up a security system that provides an additional layer of protection for your emails and your CoinFalcon account. This system is independent of CoinFalcon which makes it even more ideal. For Gmail, you can go here to turn on 2-Step Verification:

Once you have enabled Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), you will see a screen that asks for your Two-factor authentication code every time you log in and make a withdrawal request.

Choose a secure password

Use a strong password, not a weak one like your name or birthday followed by random letters and numbers. We'd suggest that you combine symbols, numbers, and capital letters (e.g. JAsjqw9l*@##kcmj2342 - do NOT use this). Also, do not use the same password for multiple sites, websites get breached all the time and reusing the same login information on multiple sites makes both your accounts vulnerable to compromise. You can use 1Password or LastPass to securely manage your passwords if they become too complex to remember.

Beware of suspicious emails. CoinFalcon will never ask you for your password

Be cautious

This just means being alert when surfing the web, especially when accessing your email and CoinFalcon accounts, and developing a healthy sense of judgment when it comes to trustworthy sources and tools. If you must install an app on your device or use a particular service, then make sure it is from a trusted source. Also, you should never leave devices unattended or unlocked and as much as possible, do not access CoinFalcon on public computers.

As much as possible, avoid using unknown devices and public WIFI connections when logging in to your account

Keep your software up to date

Malware often exploits weaknesses in older software versions so if your browser, operating system, or apps are out of date, then it means they are not equipped with the latest security measures provided by their respective software. This could leave them vulnerable.

Make sure that you are using the right address

Before logging in to your CoinFalcon account, make sure that you are accessing the site through the right address. Check the address bar and make sure that you see the padlock symbol beside the domain URL. This means that it is the real, SSL encrypted website. To make sure that you automatically access the right address every time, consider creating a bookmark for this address and access the site through it.

Please also note the following points:

If you need to contact us regarding your account, please make sure that you do so from your registered email; otherwise, we will be unable to make the requested changes to your account.

While we manage the private keys for our users, we will not be able to hand them over.

Updated on: 08/23/2019

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