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How to setup Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Here's a GIF that demonstrates how you can enable your 2FA:

You can also read the steps below:

To setup Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your account, login to your account. Click your profile on the top right corner of the page, and select Security.
Click "Enable" button where it says Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is disabled.
Download the Authenticator App for your mobile device if you don't have one yet.
Once you have downloaded the app, install it with the default permissions and select setup a new account.
Scan the QR code provided or enter the code and your 2-FA account is created.
Now, enter the code shown on your device to enable the 2-Factor Authentication
The final step is to check your email and click on Enable Two Factor Authentication. You will be directed to the site and your backup codes will pop-up. Make sure to save a copy of these backup codes as you will need them if you lose your access to the device where the 2-FA app is installed. You may use each backup code only ONCE.

Updated on: 07/18/2019

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