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How do I deposit cryptocurrency?

Assuming you have successfully created an account with us, the next step is to deposit a form of currency that is accepted.

You can see the list of our supported cryptocurrencies here.

For cryptocurrencies with a Deposit Tag (e.g. Ripple, GreenPower, EOS), it's important to use the Deposit Tag when sending the funds to CoinFalcon. Deposit transaction with the incorrect deposit tag/memo OR without the deposit tag/memo will result in permanent loss of funds.

We only support ERC20 network for our USDT stablecoin, any USDT sent through the wrong network (BEP20, BEP2, TRC20, etc.) will not be refunded / credited.

You should only use your IOTA deposit address once; otherwise, it will result in permanent loss of funds. You will get a new address assigned once your previous transaction is confirmed.

Important note: We do not support ETH deposits via smart contracts - ETH deposits from Smart Contracts will NOT be processed, refunded, or credited.

Here are the steps to deposit funds:

Log into your account dashboard. Scroll down and click "Deposit" found on the right side of the screen just below your account balance.

Select "Cryptocurrency".

Select the cryptocurrency you want to deposit. The site will provide you the address where you will send the funds to deposit. Simply copy the address (and the memo if it's required).

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Updated on: 11/30/2023

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