Invite your friends to join CoinFalcon and receive 50% of their trading fees!

CoinFalcon Referral Program Details

Initially, the commission from the CoinFalcon Referral Program will be set at 50% of the trading fees we generate from users you refer. The commission of the referral program will be adjusted after a certain time period.
All referral commissions you receive will be instantly credited to your CoinFalcon account as your referred friends make trades. The referral commission you receive will be in the cryptocurrency that the referred friend paid the fee in.
Users creating fake or duplicate accounts to cheat our referral program will not be paid, and in referring yourself, you will be disqualified from the affiliate program.
CoinFalcon reserves the right to change any terms of the referral program at any time.

How do I invite a friend?

You can send the invite here. Simply type in your friend or friends’ email addresses. You can separate the emails by using a comma, and you can send up to 20 email address a day. After you've sent the invite, your friend will receive this email:

When they click the "Accept Invitation" button, they'll be directed to the CoinFalcon homepage and they will only need to sign up to start trading and for you to start getting those commissions.

How do I know if the person I referred has signed up?

You can see the list of your referrals who have created their account successfully on the "Referral friends" section from this page. It's also where you can track your earnings from your referral's trades.
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