Securing your account is an important way to keep your assets secure with us. We take every precaution and use state of the art database protection to ensure your data is safe. Here are some things you could do on your part to help secure your account:

Use a strong password, not a weak password that is just your name followed by random letters and numbers. We'd suggest that you combine symbols, numbers, and capital letters (e.g. JAsjqw9l*@##kcmj2342 - do NOT use this). You may use 1Password or LastPass to securely manage your passwords.

Make sure that you have successfully created a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and enable it on both your email and your CoinFalcon account by going into Account Settings > Security, or you may check this article.

Once you have enabled Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), you will see a screen that asks for your Two factor authentication code every time you login and make a withdrawal request.

Ensure that you are also using a strong password for the e-mail and also enable Two-Factor Authentication on your email provider if it supports it. For Gmail, you can go here to turn on 2-Step Verification:

Do not use the same password for multiple sites, websites get breached all the time and reusing the same login information on multiple sites makes both your accounts vulnerable to compromise.
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