CoinFalcon offers you the option to import your EOS private key. Your funds will be available after the sweep from the address owned by the private key is done and confirmed form CoinFalcon.


This will empty your funds (EOS funds) stored in your private key as it will be swept and transferred to your CoinFalcon account.
You should NOT use the public address associated with the private key after transferring the funds to your CoinFalcon account
We will only sweep and transfer EOS funds from your private key, so If you still have other tokens stored in your private key, you may use the your private key again.

If you have staked token, it will take at least 3 days to sweep them to CoinFalcon. Unstaked token will be swept immediately. The current fee for unstaking tokens is 0.15 EOS. The 0.15 EOS will stay staked in your account to facilitate the transfers and un-staking transactions. You can manually un-stake it at a later point and spend it.

Go to your dashboard and click on the deposit tab on the top navigation bar.

Select EOS as currency and click on Import from private key

Enter your private key into the input and click import

You will see a transaction ID if your import was successful. It could take a few minutes until your deposit appears.

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