No, we don't accept deposits from a contract address (e.g. Bitstamp) for ETH and all ERC20 (RefToken, KIN, CRPT, etc.) Tokens. This is stated on the "Deposit" page for Ethereum:

How do I know if I've sent my funds from a contract address?

You can check the address from Here's a sample link:

NOTE: Paste the address where the funds were sent from after the / (e.g.

You will know if an address is a contract address for it will be indicated on the top of the address page:

Contract address:

contract address

Non-contract address:


What do I do if I've deposited my funds from a contract address?

You will need to contact support or email us at and provide us with the following:

ETH transaction ID
CoinFalcon email address

Our developers will have to manually retrieve the funds and send it to your CoinFalcon wallet.
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